Authentic African Black Soap from Ghana

Authentic African Black Soap from Ghana

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Raw African Black Soap is produced In Ghana is 100% Authentic Pure All Natural Organic Soap made by the tribeswomen of Ghana. Made with Cocoa Pods . Coconut Oil . Palm Kernel Oil . & Virgin Shea Butter
African Black Soap is well known for its gentle cleansing action making it an excellent option for all skin types. It's also highly moisturizing . so it won't dry out skin or hair . leaving it clean and healthy.
Africa's best-kept beauty secret for centuries . the benefits of African Black Soap are now widely known . prompting women and men across the planet to include it in their daily cleansing and beauty rituals. Black Soap has been known to alleviate rashes . scalp irritations . acne . blemishes . wrinkles . and other problems while it softens skin.

Ingredients: Unrefined Shea Butter . Coconut Oil . Cocoa Pods . and Water.

Some Key Benefits:
-Deep cleaning & detoxifying for clogged pores.
-Skin toning & helps even skin color from scars and blemishes
-Acne control and acts to control the production of sebum.
-Reduces oily skin & helps to fight the bacteria that cause acne.
-Anti-fungal & helps control odor
-All-natural . chemical-free cleanser

Black Soap is best followed by a deep non-pore-clogging moisturizer like Shea Butter . or if a lighter moisturizer is preferred . an oil high in linoleic acid is also a great choice.


CoA-LOT: BN9391141/SS

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